Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Green Goblin Sculpt, Avatar

So I realized I never posted this sculpt. I sorta rushed the mold and I'm not sure it's salvageable. We shall see, but this may be bust. (Get it, bust?)

I've also got this on the back burner. It needs a lot of touch ups before I can do a final pull on the vacuum forming table.

It's hard to tell but it is Amon's mask. I have to fill in the top dome and smooth out this cast.  I can't say I don't have anything to work on, if only I had the time and attention span...

Until later,

Tattoos and Ponies!

So my wife and I went to Fan Days in Dallas, I dunno, a few weeks ago.  I didn't dress up but she made My Little Pony costumes with her friends. Not really Armory business but whatevs, she was super cute so it's all good.

My wife is err... well, she's the pink one. I don't know who they are other than the baby is Spike the Dinosaur.

The grey guy and unicorn lady are Gunnar and Angela from Ember Costumes. <shameless plug> If you haven't checked out their blog you should, it is my sister site.</shameless plug>

Also, on an unrelated note, my wife and I got matching tattoos! Mine is the shoulder on the left.

It's the island of Catan!

The image is from the back of the cards from the best game ever, The Settlers of Catan. If you haven't heard of it shame on you go buy it and play it with all of your friends.

Until Next Time,


Codex Staff Speed Run

Okay, so it's been a little while since I posted but I figured I'd post the Speed Run Codex Staff I did for Renn Faire.

What's a speed run you ask?

Well it's when I have like a day to work on the prop and get it done.  I did this in a couple days and it's not perfect but not bad either.

I forgot the red paint when we left so I didn't get the red on the wings, and I sorta messed up the ball so it's not translucent. Oops...

Things to fix in v.2.

Anyways I didn't make the costume, but here is Mindy with staff in hand. I'm working on getting better pics, but we'll see if that actually happens since I don't actually have it with me anymore. My wife is Robin Hood btw...

I still have projects on the burner, but this semester has been CRAZY busy between work and school, so I will post stuff when it gets done.

Until Next Time,